Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shad's video

So in May Shad decided that he really couldn't handle his boring job anymore at BYU Central Stores and talked to his brother Rudd and our neighbor Sean who both worked for KBYU. Shad eventually got hired on to film there and has enjoyed it so far. About the same time he had started to talking to Bryan Niven, a photographer in the area about assisting for him. Bryan tried him out and liked Shad so now he assists on Bryan's photo shoots and creates video's of the photo shoot / picture making process for Bryan's blog. (http://www.bryanniven.com/blog/) We would love everyone to check out the new video shad did for Bryan and also check out Bryan's work. We think he is very talented...not your average photographer. If you go to his blog click on the latest entry about Nate's photoshoot. In the list of things that he's been doing you can click on the word "video" and it will take you to the youtube site for the video. I thought about just putting up the youtube video on our blog but I'd really rather everyone go through Bryan's blog so you can check out his work.

I love both of Shad's new jobs because he enjoy's both of them. Especially working with Bryan. Shad's the happiest right before, during, and after one of Bryan's photo shoots! So congrats Shad!


Plewe Fam said...

I am truly impressed. It gives some good insight into what Shad actually does because honestly i had no idea. It turned out great and looked like it must have been fun to be on set. Way to be Shad Hopkins.

Riley & Breanne said...

way to go shadrak