Thursday, June 5, 2008

it's a boy!

So I'd love to be a sneaky sly little villain but I'm not. But I did get close. At my last appointment (my 14 week which was really 15 weeks because I was a week behind) I thought I'd ask for another ultra sound (I also kind of knew that around 16 weeks they can see the gender) and I told them I just wanted a better picture of my baby than the one I have currently from 6 weeks! And my doctor said "didn't  you get one at your 10 week appointment?" So it turns out I was supposed to but the ultra sound technician wasn't in on thursdays. Anyway, my doctor said I could go to the front desk and make an appointment for the next week and I wouldn't have to pay anything extra. (at 16 weeks you can pay $50 for a gender check) I was so excited. And it was the day before our trip to California so I was even more excited about that! So here are the latest pictures of our baby! 
Apparently he was curled up in a ball with his chin to his chest and wouldn't move out of that position. funny thing about that is I used to sleep all curled up in a ball...ask my mom. or even shad, he's seen me do it! 
Drum roll please......and it's a boy! I was not surprised at all. I have had a few dreams that it was a boy and I even had one the night before the ultra sound. Which is quite odd for me, I've never had dreams that were like predicting things. But it was very cool. 
And one last picture of our little boy. The technician took like 10 pictures of him in this same position...kind of boring but still cute! 
So there! Next thursday is our 20 week ultra sound appointment which we are excited for. And just so everyone knows (most of you do already...) we do have a name picked out but we are not sharing the name until he's born. Lets see if we can keep a secret. More like, lets see if Carly can keep a secret :) 


Heather and Spencer said...

Congrats!!! Oh, I am so jealous you get so many ultra sounds...I only got 2! And of those I only have 5 pictures total! Lucky!!!

Chelsea said...

Congraulations - boys are SO fun! I am so excited for you guys! I could tell your ultrasound is from Aspen Women's ...I'm friends with both those techs! I'm glad you could tell a few weeks early - I can't stand the suspense!

Emily said...

That's so fun! I love seeing your cute little baby boy's face. We never got any good ultrasound pictures of Heidi. Congratulations. I'm voting on Meshack for the name.

Katie Fish said...

YAY for a boy! How exciting!! I can't wait to know the name...the suspense is killing me! :) Yeah, and I'm so jealous you get so many ultrasounds! Lucky!!

Chelsea Emeline said...

yay! Oh my gosh, Carl, That's awesome!! I'm so excited for you! You're still in Provo, right? We should do something. Love ya!

Mack Attack said...

I had no idea you were pregnant! Congratulations!!