Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Life in California

So as of right now we are making California our new home! Carly back working at the pharm's and shad's playing Mr. MOM while job hunting. We are enjoying our friends here and being so close (hehe) to all our family! We love having vegetables in our garden and fruit in our trees! Cru's happy to have everyone's attention 24 hours a day and so much playing time outside!

sweet shades

trip to copperopolis to play with cru's cousins

Carly's 27th birthday!

cru getting in trouble.

Picking lemons

North Carolina to California

NC to CA was a little more rushed and a little less excited! so we pushed all of ourselves to the limit on this trip.

Concord, NC - Little Rock, Arkansas
Arkansas - Albuquerque, New Mexico
New Mexico - Flagstaff, Arizona
Arizona - Thousand Oaks, California

playing at a park in flagstaff. we had lots of fun visiting relatives there.

most amazing rest stop EVER! Thank you lonestar state!

awww. our sweet boy.

storm watch! (more like tornado watch)

I'm so over this.

utah to north carolina

We had a long road trip at the end of April and this is how it went:
Utah - Silt, CO
CO - Hays, KS
KS - St. Louis, MO
MO - Knoxville, TN
TN - concord, NC

Here's some pictures of our travels!

one last swing in front of our orem hose:

shad's pride and joy being left behind:

we saw a lot of this on our road trip:

shad was obsessed with taking pictures of every bridge we saw, inside or out.

the mid-west. really pretty huh?

still smiling...doesn't last long!

cru's favorite thing at each hotel! riding the luggage cart!

cru's spacious bed!

back to shad's mission

so happy to be out of the car!