Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Prepare yourselves

I've been told I need to blog more...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Life goes on!

I know I like to blame "time" for the lack of blog posts...but another factor might be that we don't have a camera! And most of you are probably thinking, she's married to a photographer! But have you ever held his carera? More importantly have you ever tried to hold his camera bag! Its about 50lb's and he doesn't just take the camera, the whole bag comes with it. So we don't use it often for family stuff. And I feel like camera phone pictures aren't much fun...but I'm going to post some anyway!

A little update on our family - Shad has been working / going to school to become a fireman. It's a competitve race down here but we're in it! He worked on a fire a few months ago with the Forest Service up in San Luis Obispo area. It was a learning experience for me and Cru to have him gone for so long. He also got a full time job working for ELITE Ambulence in Los Angeles as an EMT. We're hoping after some experience he can go to paramedic school. As for me, I'm still working full time at Home Care Pharmacy in Simi Valley. Cru will be turning 3 on October 28th. He has started a little pre school thing at home with some friends and he loves it. He goes to day care every tuesday and the Hopkins house on thursdays and fridays. He's a typical 3 year old boy with too much energy, hilarious things to say, funny facial expressions, a kind heart, lots of cuddles, and the cutest face ever!'s events:

Cru and I went with a group (Joy school type group - the Learning Box) to the Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark. We love that place all the time but especially in October during Fall Harvest. They have so many fun activities, hay rides, pony rides, animals, pumpkins, corn maze, etc. It was only 102 degree's today but we still had fun! I was exhausted but Cru could have kept running around in that heat all day long if I let him. Enjoy the pictures. Some day there will be more...but don't count on it.

(That's right. My child dressed himself today "moonboots" (as we call them...others call them snow boots) and all. 80's style sunglasses. He was too much!)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Does anyone blog anymore?

I mean, seriously...who has the time!? I obviously don't! Now days with working full time I just don't have the energy and I sure can't entrust the family blog to Shad :) But here's a few pictures of what we've been up to lately.

Shad blames this move on not cool

Shad and Cru have both been hiking and training a LOT lately to be firemen. Cru holds his own pretty well :)

We have a hawk that has made it's home in our neighbors tree. It's pretty fun until we get the left over's from it's meals in our backyard.

The extent of Shad using his photography skills lately - things he finds on hikes in Wildwood - I heart this picture


My dreams have come true, and my sisters since we always joke that nobody ever see's any picture shad takes.

In march we went to Las Vegas for 4 days with out Cru. It was bitter sweet. One of the things we did was go to Hoover Dam. Actually kind of fun.

Shad's artistic version of the Hoover Dam. Shad also got to go to the BYU game while we were there. He had a very happy birthday thanks to his uncle Tim and my parents - sorry no picture at the game.

No, Shad has not gotten a job yet but he visits a lot of stations. Cru got to go with him last week and if you can't tell, he was a little excited!