Monday, September 22, 2008

shad went to his first BYU football game

I had the chance to go to a BYU football game. It was so much fun to actually be there instead of watching it on TV. It's amazing the energy inside the LaVell Edwards Stadium. Every time that BYU scored a touchdown, I got the goosebumps. This photo is proof that I don't like my picture taken.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Grandma Maygren

Carly's grandma, Pearl "Dixie" Maygren passed away on August 30th, 2008. These were the last pictures we took with her, last Christmas. We saw her in May when we went home but didn't take any pictures.  

Carly and Grandma 
Grandma and Landon (Hallie's baby) 
And this is grandma's care taker with Lily. She is the sweetest lady and she will also be missed. 

Grandma made the best banana bread (I'll post the recipe on the recipe blog) and yummy home made chex party mix at chirstmas time. She was such a great cook and loved to be with family. She will be missed. But we all know that she is in a much better place where she can be with her husband, her daughter (Carly's Aunt Jeanine who died of Breast Cancer) and her 7 other siblings again.