Saturday, October 25, 2008


well, we are getting down to the wire, so in order to prepare ourselves we watched an episode of the office. Dwight and Michael really helped us feel at ease! check it out.

Oh, and it's just the first minute and a half...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Enrichment

Last night for enrichment we carved pumpkins! When we were at St.George someone had a Better Home and Garden magazine that had the cutest idea's....

so I set out on a mission to find a "corer" to do this polka dot pumpkin carving! And mine was fine until...the polka dots started falling INTO the pumpkin! So probably this weekend I'll gut the pumpkin and save the polka dots and find a way to attach them so they don't fall in again. I was waiting to gut it until closer to Halloween. But I had fun doing it anyway! Maybe I'll still buy a white pumpkin and try that! Well, here's my attempt at copying Better Homes and Gardens!

Oh and I made a good dessert for the activity...I've only been waiting a YEAR to make it so I'm glad it turned out!

PS, I'm on fall break from school, that's why I'm actually posting lately! It's so nice! Sorry Shad, no fall break for you! It's kind of giving me a taste of what life will be like in January....(I hope I'm more productive than this!)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And his name is...

Okay, so I'm not really going to spill the beans and tell you the name we have picked out. That would just make this whole ordeal of keeping a secret for 9 months pointless! And we're on the home stretch so I think I can hold it in for a few more weeks ;) But I did tell Shad that we are not doing this again! 

But I would love to know if any of you have ideas of what the name is. I know our friend Sean spent time on the internet looking after we gave him clues. Sorry I can't give everyone clue's but if any of you have ideas we'd love to hear them! 

3 weeks left!

I feel like I should be blogging more but I'm struggling finding the time, the energy, and something exciting to write about. Granted, I am pregnant so that's exciting enough some might say...but I feel like it's been 9 months and nobody really wants to hear about my pregnancy all the time! I don't even want to hear about it all the time! he he. And it's a little hard these days to focus on my pregnancy when I'm still going to school and working among other things!

So we are down to our appointments every week which is such a bore! I hate it. But it must be done. We have exactly 3 weeks left and we are both very excited. I am noticing Shad being more excited lately. We went to St.George last weekend and met my parents there to visit my grandma and also picked up our crib from my parents. As soon as we got home Shad wanted to put it together. So that made me happy. We already had bought the changing table and baskets to match, the bedding and I got my diaper bag a few weeks ago. (I was on cloud 9 after we bought it...I still am when I think about it and look at it!) Oh and our rocking chair is coming in the mail today! I am very excited about that! It is so comfy!

ps, this picture was just taken from my cell phone...just to let people see...but what some of you can't really see is the cute little fish on the bedding!

We are so excited to have our little ______ (insert name here) come into our lives in a few short weeks! We will post asap when we have him.