Monday, April 20, 2009

big people food!

so a few weeks ago we started feeding Cru rice cereal. we think he likes it...what do you think?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

picture story

*I can't wait to have a washer and dryer - 3 more weeks

clarification - my sister just called and wanted to know what the big fuss was about, since all he did was pee out of his diaper! well, here's the explanation! Cru had pooped out of his diaper. He does it almost everyday. If we make it through just one day, we will be happy! We've done all that we can do, I think ;)

We have tested every brand of diaper - pampers is the most expensive for a reason
We have attempted every method of stain removal - oxy clean is a lifesaver
We have trained our ears to hear the explosion - keep Cru close at all times
We have tried to time the length of time we leave between explosion and diaper change - no time at all

but there are some moments in life, some moments everyday really, that you realize, for only that moment - life can't always be controlled. In fact, Cru's poop can't always be controlled.