Sunday, June 8, 2008


About a week and a half ago, for Enrichment we were taught about plants and herbs and then we got to plant some herbs to take home. I planted Cilantro, Rosemary, and Basil. And yesterday I was so excited to see my little sprouts coming out of my Cilantro! I just had to take a picture and share with everyone! I think Shad got a little excited too, even though he would never admit that! So all the watering and sunlight is starting to pay off! 


Tyler said...

My goodness, what haven't you learned at Enrichment lately? Your ward is putting ours to shame. Glad to see you and Shad are growing a little "Love fern". This is the big test...if you can handle the plant, you can handle the baby. You're going to have to teach me all the blogging tips you learned.

Emily said...

I hope I see a sprout like that soon but I doubt it. I guess I don't show my herbs as much love as you do.

Tarmy said...

Had sprouts...about 10, but then they either whithered away or a child or animal stole them because now all I have is dirt.... not even any withered looking plant like stuff... hmmmm
glad you're having better luck.