Wednesday, March 17, 2010

shad is old!

Shad had a birthday! He's not one for big celebrations but Cru and I tried to make it special. Shad and I actually got to go to the movies and dinner on his birthday. It was so nice for me too! (thanks JOY!)

I love you Shad! And you're not as old as you think you are!

Nothing to blog about

Well, it seems like life has been too repetitive and boring to blog about. My patience is tested multiple times a day on an extreme level but I laugh way to much than I should also. Cru is talking a lot - we have no idea what he's saying most the time but I like to pretend I do for his sake and we have some fun conversations.

Shad's BFA show ended today (whoohoo!!!). It feels so nice for all of us to have it over with. What a stressful few months it's been and Cru is glad to have his Dad back in his life. Shad is also graduating in April so he's pretty much over school right now.

Our plans for the future have changed a little bit. We had no set job lined up after graduation so we decided to go out to Charlotte, NC with Shad's cousin and sell security for AMP Alam. We will be there from April 30th until August 30th. We are sooo excited for this adventure. Seriously. I'm really excited. I'll be able to see my brother Bryce when he gets home from Iraq and that means a lot to me.

Other than those few things, we've just been livin it up in Utah. I'm attempting to enjoy the last few months we have here (actually the weather has been nicer so it's not that terrible).

Here's a few pictures from our lives lately -

Our first trip to the Bean Museum on campus at BYU (lots of dead animals all over the place!)

Shot of Shad's BFA show in the HFAC on campus at BYU

Our family picture on Shad's big day!

Shad took a picture of a motorcycle for his show and was lucky enough to get the motorcycle to stay at his BFA show on campus for 2 weeks! It really caught some people's attention!

Cru LOVED the motorcycle. Seriously. We're in for some trouble.

Cru eating a ring my g'pa made. He likes to walk around with things in his mouth and swing them around. It's actually quite funny.

Cru doing one of his favorite things - wearing Shad's shoes. Cru is just obsessed with shoes in general. Trying on everyone's shoes. Taking them off, putting them on and attempting to walk in my high heels is the best. I have to get a picture of it!

Cru had to have Oreo's for dinner one night while we were stuck in the car. Long story. Accident. We couldn't move. It was the only thing I had in the car that was edible - he didn't complain!

Monday, March 1, 2010