Saturday, November 10, 2007


This is a picture of our newest nephew Landon Xavier Owens. He was born on October 23rd and weighed in at 5lb 9oz. We were lucky enough to have little Landon, my sister Hallie, and her husband Mike stay with us for a while when Landon was born. I made Shad take cute pictures of Landon. It was a pretty fun experience. We didn't have a black backdrop to use so we got out my black long coat and put him on the floor. But Landon was not very happy there! After a few minutes of trying to take his pictures while he was crying, I picked him up to love him so he'd calm down. As I was loving him I realized that he was happy on my chest. So I layed down on the ground with him on me and we put the coat in between us. Then I held up part of the coat so the coat blocks out our lovely wall. ha ha. Anyway, it was fun, tiring, and Shad did a really good job!


OK, so I never thought that I'd want to have a blog or even attempt to make one but I am. So basically I just thought it might be easier to keep everyone up dated in our lives instead of e-mailing. (Since we do so many exciting things!! right) But, we'll give it a try. And I'm not very computer savvy so we'll see how creative I get.