Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cafe Rio = Utah residency

Ok, I know this could be upsetting to some people, but I've never really liked Cafe Rio. (gasp!) I think we've gone once. It just was not as impressive as everyone says it is and I'd rather just go to Baja Fresh or Olas for Mexican food, but I guess I can only go there if I'm in So. Cal. So here's the story. 
Everyone rants and raves about their salad and I've never had it because we've never gone back. And Shad's been sick with some rare disease (a "man cold") for about a week and couldn't eat anything so I wasn't making food. I was just eating crap like mac and cheese, top ramen, left overs, etc. And the other day I was so sick of it. I called Shad and I said, I want a salad. (if any of you know me well, I never "want" a salad. I'll eat one,  but I never want it!) So Shad said "go ahead!" I was really craving a BBQ chicken ranch salad from Paradise Bakery, but I wasn't about to drive up to SLC. And the only place I could think of around here that I heard had good salads was Cafe Rio. I ordered my salad, brought it home and loved the entire 1/4 of it I ate! Ok, I said it, I loved it. I loved having a tortilla in my salad, I loved the rice, I loved the flavor of the chicken, I loved how the lettuce was romaine and not iceberg, I loved the guacamole, and most of all I loved the dressing! I have been craving it daily ever since and I don't know what to do because that salad cost me $8.06! But Shad did end up eating the rest so I guess we ate that night for $8.06. But normally Shad would eat a lot more. 
So, I guess I've turned. I got a Utah drivers license last week and now I like Cafe Rio. I don't know how this happened. And I don't know how to control these cravings! HELP!!! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


yesterday it was 79 in provo and it started out nice and now it's snowing! i don't think i can live in this state for much longer!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Friday night we got to go to the Bee's Opening Home Game with Jeris and Suzanna. It was really cold and we lost the game, but it was fun. 

Shad promised me a churro. I LOVE churro's! I think they are priced way too high, but I enjoyed every bite. ps, only one of those is mine. I wish I got two! 

Bumble the Bee! 

This is us freezing. We were going to leave early but then the Bee's started to catch up and it was really we stayed to watch them loose. :( 

After we went to Hire's Big H and had french fries, shakes, root beer, and hamburgers. Thanks Hobbs!