Sunday, August 24, 2008


I can't believe I forgot to post this! But we found out last friday (August 15th) that Shad was accepted into the Bachelor of Fine Arts - Photography Program at BYU. I know this might confuse some of you (dad included!) but last year Shad was accepted into the Photography Program which would give him a Bachelor of Arts in Photography when he graduates. But a BFA is so much better! (and requires so much more work / time / money in the future) but we felt it would be better for his career. So Shad worked diligently all summer ;) on his portfolio to show his professors his best work! He printed them, mounted them, and we bought a pretty box to show them in (that also cost a pretty penny). I'd like to say it was a joint effort...but Shad's the one with the talent so basically I was good at cutting, driving, motivating, typing, and praying! But I'm so proud of Shad and all he's accomplished. He's worked really hard since we've been married to 1) get to BYU (even though I wasn't to happy about the idea!) 2) get into the photography program 3) get into the BFA program 4)impress me every time he takes a picture 5) make a good amount of money by taking pictures and selling them which has helped us out so much financially! 

So congrats Shad! I am so proud of you! 

P.S. if  any of you want to congratulate it on HIS photography blog! That would just be so much better! 

what a week!

well...we've had quite a week of simple events and big events. Phil, Summer, and Vienn finally arrived to Utah on Monday and stayed with us a night and on tuesday we helped (shad really...not me!) them move into their new Wymount apt! I think we did a really good job at making these apartments sound bad because they were quite pleasantly surprised! he he.
We started our hypnobirthing class and had our second one this week. Shad and I are both really enjoying it! (thanks heidi and jen!) 
We really can't complain to much about pregnancy stuff. We've been both really blessed with our miracle baby! Blessed to be pregnant in the first place most of all! But then to not have gotten sick at all...that is another great blessing. So basically I feel bad complaining about the little aches and pains that I'm starting to feel a little and I'm afraid I've spoiled Shad :) (love you!) 
And! We helped another move yesterday! Riley and Breanne bought a place to live in West Jordan so we were up there yesterday from about 11am until about 11pm! Their new home is so cute! I just love all the closets! Most people take those little things for granted (closets that is) until you live in Wymount! And Shad impressed us all with his all his little "fix it's". I just can't list them all! I  was so proud! 
Last night while at Riley and Breanne's someone backed into our car. I wasn't too upset because...Well, it's not my favorite car (sorry mom and dad!) because Shad impressed me with a newer one he brought into the marriage!. (thanks vince and dannette!) But I've had it since high school and it's been a great car and now days it gets great gas mileage compared to our 4-runner. But I was thankful that we had driven it instead of our 4-runner. We were parked on the street in front of a house so we figured the people's house we were in front of, they had backed into it. Shad knocked on their door and asked and they were not nice people and halfway admitted it. It turned into a very long night after that. This morning I've been trying to figure out what we are supposed to learn from it. It could just be patience. Or maybe we need to be more grateful for what blessing's we do have because I feel like we've gotten a lot lately. I'm not positive yet...but I'm sure it's something good we'll get out of it! 
That's our week in a nut shell! In case anyone was sitting at home, twiddling their thumbs and thinking "I wonder what the hopkins did this week...." 

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Anniversary

It's amazing to think that we've been married for 4 years! We have had life experiences that we will always remember, some good...some bad! But we've had them all together. We've also had many life plans that have changed and some unexpected ones. We love where we are at in life right now, expecting our first baby and finishing up school. We love being able to live here at Wymount and have this amazing chapter in our lives! 
I am so glad that 4 years and 8 months ago Shad called me and asked me out! I would never take back any of our dates: watching him take pictures for the college newspaper, watching him ride his bike, or watching him take pictures of other people riding their bike! I just had to be around him and that's still how it is today!