Saturday, July 12, 2008

Farewell Hobbs!

A few months back, our stairwell (Ferons, Reisers, Hobbs, and us) decided to do a joint Family Home Evening every other week. We rotated assignments and it was a lot of fun. But...then the Hobbs decided to leave us. We are still sad about it. In celebration of their departure we had a fun filled FHE up at Rock Canyon Park. We bbq'd and played baseball. It was a lot of fun. We miss you Jeris and Suzanna! 
                                               JaNae....playing baseball...or modeling 
Suzanna playing! 
Emily pitching for Sean
Sean looking real intense! 
The Wymount 10B stairwell! (Shad, Carly, Suzzana, Jeris, Heidi, JaNae, Emily, Matt, and Sean!) 


Katie Fish said...

I kinda see a BABY BUMP!! I want to see more prego pictures! :) Looks like a fun time!

Emily said...

That was fun but I'm beging you to take the picture of me off!! Seriously!! Thanks again for taking me out for a treat of Monday and for babysitting last night! Sorry we weren't more prepared.