Wednesday, December 17, 2008

and...more pictures

Cru fell sleep on my lap last night and his leg's were crossed. It was so cute!
Cru...rocking out with his skull candy head phones (thanks fuzz) 
and Cru is finally enjoying tummy...sort of
We are off to California on friday for 16 days and we are so excited! We'll try to post while we are out there! Hope everyone has a merry christmas and a happy  new year! 

Picture Update!!!'s some pictures from the last month! 

Cru got to sit on Santa's lap for the first time at the ward party!  (thanks David! You were an excellent Santa!)
Cru had his first experience of of flirting at the ward party. JaNae was holding him when Kate and Candace came up to play with his hands. He LOVED it. Candace came back after they left and said "Bye Screw". I hope it's the last time he's called that! 
Cru and Andrew Arnold hanging out at the Stake Dinner at Aspen Grove in Sundance. It was so nice to have them sleeping and hanging out. 
We were SO lucky to have our favorite family come visit! The McClintocks came out from Missouri to visit Heidi's family for thanksgiving and we got a taste! It was so fun to see them, see how big Luke is and meet Chloe for the first time!