Thursday, April 1, 2010

life lately

well about a month ago I took a picture of cru doing the splits on top of our last melting pile of snow in front of our house. well, we thought it was our last - and then weather happened yesterday and today! luckily it will all be melted by the end of today. but I need the weather to warm up because 1. I've packed all our winter clothes for storage this summer! 2. My parents are coming up this weekend and we want to do fun things that don't include playing in the rain or snow!

Cru is so "adventurous"

Funny story - the other day I was on the toilette (I know, I can't believe I'm putting this on my blog!) and cru got ahold of shad's electric shaver. well, the cutie likes to pretend to shave his face but instead went up to his hair. And well his long blonde locks got caught in the shaver and he started screaming. so i jumped off the toilette with my pants still at my ankle and got the shaver out of his hair. phew! then as I'm washing my hands in the bathroom I hear cru yelling in his bedroom so I run in there and find that he had climbed up his changing table to the top and couldn't get down. all to get a pacifier. he was soooo proud of himself though.
*sorry no pictures. it was a little much to find the camera while going to the bathroom and saving my child twice in a 1 minute time span!

Oh and 1 more thing - Cru got his first hair cut! I couldn't believe I did it! Everyone always loves his long hair and I loved it too I just wanted it cleaned up a little. Well, they cleaned it up a lot! So I'm a little sad. It'll grow back so I'm not going to be that upset about it or CRY or anything. But Cru loved getting his hair cut at COOKIE CUTTERS. They had a slide and a Thomas the train movie and he got to sit in a car chair and honk the horn over and over again the whole time. Then he got a sucker and a balloon. He was one happy boy after that. I made shad take pictures so if I can ever get them from Shad they'll be posted!