Wednesday, November 19, 2008


alright, Cru had his 3 week birthday yesterday! We tortured him on Monday with a little sniperooney, a PKU test and an x-ray. The good thing out of that day was that his air pockets are all gone and we have no more x-rays to get! (phew). and we found out that Cru is growing very well and eating better than some people thought. He was 9 lb 9 oz on Monday and now 22 inches long. He basically could squash any of the other new baby's at church, even though half of them are older than him!

Cru is looking cuter and cuter everyday! I love it. He does the funniest things with his face which everyone in my family will admit to also doing! His hair is blonde and his eyes are blue for now. Shad and I are having so much fun with him!

I went back to school on the 7th so it's been a juggling act getting ready for school every morning, feeding Cru (or pumping for food later) getting Cru ready and taking him to kind friends houses to watch him when Shad can't. But it's working out and we only have 3 more weeks of it. Sadly I'll then be going back to work on the 9th :(

Everyone's been asking for more pictures so here's a few! Enjoy!

Ps, in the pictures Shad got him the I heart NY outfit while he was there this summer. So we had to take pictures of him wearing it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

shout out

Shad has shot the Redline Bicycle Catalog for the last 2 years and they gave us a little shout out on their website:

Also Cru is doing a lot better. We will have x-ray's done soon to check on the air pockets but the doctors assume they will go away on their own. His Bilirubin is all gone and he's been off the lights for 1 week and we couldn't be happier! We love learning all the fun little things that Cru likes and dislikes and we've learned a lot about parenting in these last 16 days!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Here are a few random photos that I recently took of Cru. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Cru Acel Hopkins

Born Tuesday, October 28th at 5:46pm

Weighing in at.... ready for this?! 8lb 15.4oz / 21 and 1/2 inch long!

Cru had a few complications coming out and a few more once he came out into the world. He was born with a Pneumothorax which is an air pocket in the lungs. His was on both sides of his lungs in between his lungs and his rib cage. He also had one around his heart. They kept him in the Nursery the whole time we were in the hospital (tuesday until friday) and I got discharged on Thursday but decided to pay the hospital to stay with him until he was discharged. As of friday when we left the air pockets were gone except for the one around the heart which they say will eventually just leave on it's own. We'll get more x-ray's in a week or so. On Wednesday afternoon Cru developed Bilirubin which is Jaundice so he was kept under special lights until us leaving. When we were discharged friday the hospital sent over someone to bring us special lights that Cru is supposed to live under until his bilirubin level has gone down to normal. (Poor guy really doesn't like living under these lights!) We will be getting blood tests done daily until then.

Although it was all a bit complicated, we are SOO glad to have Cru here. We feel so blessed that everyone has been so excited to welcome Cru into this world. And we feel so blessed that we had amazing Doctor's that were able to prevent a C-section and hospital staff that were all able to help Cru continue to get better! Orem Community Hospital had the most amazing and helpful staff and doctors. We are so grateful for everyone's prayers, love, support, and help.

Enjoy the pictures...sorry there are not a ton, but it was pretty hectic for a while so we didn't take many. (and he had not so pretty tubes, IV's, monitors, etc. on him for a while. But we do know he's amazingly strong because he ripped out the IV from his hand...hence the IV in his head!)