Monday, March 31, 2008

Snow Canyon

On Saturday before Grandma's party we went to the street fair in town and then some of us went to  Snow Canyon. 
Riley and Shad took off towards the beginning and we didn't see them for a long time! I'm not sure if this picture shows how red the sand was, or how white my feet are! Sad. 
Shad and I on the rock's. They were pretty cool looking! 
All the kids on the rocks. Breanne, Carly, Riley, Shad. Dad was taking the picture. 

Grandma Landon's 89th Birthday

On the 22nd we all went to St. George for Grandma's birthday bash. To the left of my grandma is my Aunt's family (Travis his wife Liz, Annie and her husband Aaron and baby Jaden, and my aunt Karen. Grandma's in the middle. My dad's behind her, then my brother Riley and his wife Breanne, my Mom and Shad and I are in the front). We had a good lasagna dinner that my mom made and yummy pies. My grandma was really excited to have us all there. 

Grandma blowing out her candle! 

Heidi and Jaden

On March 15th Heidi, Jaden, and Tarik (sp?) came up to Utah to visit everyone. We met up with them at Red Robin for lunch. Lucky for Heidi and Jaden it started to snow while we were in the restaurant. So we ran outside for Jaden to experience snow for the first time. 
I'm pretty sure after a minute he didn't quite know what to do with it....but it was fun watching him experience snow! 

On Sunday we met up with them again at the Breedlove's house in Lehi. All the Wolf's were there: Matt, Lisa and Rick, Jen and Rob, Heidi and Jaden...and then Shad and I. It was fun. we played with the kids and watched them play duck duck goose which was so funny. Then the adults played Sequence after the kids went to bed. 

Nacho Libre

Well, I was going to put up picture from our Nacho Libre party...but there are too many funny ones and I'm too tired to make a slide show. So if you want, go to Emily and Sean's blog and see the pictures / watch the funny video. You can see Jeris get pantsed (sp?), Shad hiding under the table, and the boys wrestling with balloons in their clothes. Oh and you can see all the "stretchy pants" 

Shad's Birthday!

This is Shad on his birthday leaving for School. It was warmer out so he was excited to ride his new bike. 
Shad's brother Rudd made him a birthday cake the day after. Rudd and Joy (shad's sister) came over and we sang happy birthday to Shad and ate cake. Oh, and this picture was taken right after Joy leaned in for the picture before and caught her hair on fire! It was funny. 
So apparently we haven't posted for a while...and we've had a lot of eventful things happen, I think. Well, we had Shad's birthday on March 11th, he turned 26! We had Heidi and Jaden visit from California. We had Carly's g'ma's 89th birthday party in St. George. We had Easter. We had Carly's parents visiting. We had a trip to Vernal to meet Carly's relatives she's never met before. We had Shad go on a trip to Las Vegas and Carly have a TV watching marathon while he was gone. I think that's about it. So I think I'll post each one separately with some pictures so it's short and simple and not a huge enjoy! 

Monday, March 3, 2008

This is why Shad is not allowed to buy me flowers on Valentines day...I'd rather be surprised! And so, I was! On Saturday Shad brought these home for me, and every day I smell them at least once and every time I look at them I smile. And who says flowers are a waste of money!?!?!?