Sunday, November 14, 2010


In October we had lots of things happen! Our friends Jeris and Suzanna Hobbs came from Utah to visit. We had fun with them as always! Cru turned 2 and had a little birthday party! And Halloween! The last 2 things in October were very stressful for me for some reason so I'm glad October is over and November is kind of relaxing with no plans for anything! Not even the Holiday!

waiting for his guests to arrive!

pumpkin painting activity - Lauren

Claire painting her pumpkin. Cru and Claire are BFF's!

happy birthday, blowing out candles, and first taste of real ice cream! not soy!

Here's 1 Halloween piture. We have more to follow and I think some coming of us with the Hobbs.


Lindsay said...

he is so cute carly. i can't believe he's already 2. i love his blonde curls.

Madame Hallie said...

Thanks for the pictures! I love them. Cru is darling. Love you guys.

Maygren Family said...

my goodness the pictures of Cru and his fun party were awesome! :) Wish we could have been there. Thanks for sharing the blog post, so we could feel like we were almost there. You guys look great!

The Wood Family said...

Cru is so handsome! Miss you guys!