Sunday, November 14, 2010


In August Shad and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary by going out to Palm Springs. This is our second year going to this same place and same hotel for our anniversary and we love it. We love to lay by the pool and relax! My parents and Shad's parents were kind enough to watch Cru for us and it was so relaxing!

(in the infamous "pina colada")

In late August we went camping with our friends Heidi, Arthur, and Heidi's son Jaden. Cru LOVES Jaden but tends to call him "jer" which really bother Jaden. So we practice saying his name "jay -den" a lot!

(ignore my smile. i know its scary)


Riley and Breanne said...

although totally buz worthy... that pina colada looks so dang good! haha

Stephanie said...

Cru is so adorable!! He is getting so big!! I hope you guys are doing well... all your posts made me miss you!