Saturday, November 7, 2009


First - the day before Halloween we were so lucky to be able to meet up with some friends that have moved away from Provo. It was fun! Here's a few pictures although I didn't really take too many.

I really love this picture. Emily with the kids (sorry Addie, I have no idea where you were wink wink). Emily used to babysit Cru (forever grateful) and she's holding Heidi (her daughter) and Cam (Cru's other babysitter's newest baby!) and then Cru!

and this is obvious why I'm not the photographer and shad is. sorry Sean, cute picture though. Cru loves you!

Cru was a good sport for staying up so late!

Second - HALLOWEEN. Well, I'm pretty sure that Cru was the cutest Zebra ever made! And he didn't hate the costume as much as I thought he would!

Cru looks so tired here. Poor guy. After an eventful Halloween (mall trick or treating, ward party, Chelsea and Jacoby's trick or treating, and the Millward party) he was so tired!

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Sean said...

I think it's so sad that no one has commented on this post. Shame on the blogging world! Cru is stud.