Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cru's 4 months!

So I really can’t believe that Cru is 4 months already! He’s getting so big. Well, more like filling out since he was always so long and skinny! And he still talks just as much as he used to. It’s hilarious. We’ve got a little schedule going and it’s made all of our lives easier. I changed my schedule at work to 7am – 11am which has worked out a lot better for us and our baby sitters. (we are so lucky to have good people to watch Cru) AND we get to see Shad more often during the day which is fun.

Here’s Cru’s current info:
Weight: 15lb 3.5oz (50%)
Length: 26” (85%)

What Cru likes to do:
• Put EVERYTHING in his mouth!
• Drool
• Play with his feet
• Roll onto his side
• Play with toys
• Watch baby Einstein
• Kick his feet
• Taking a bath
• Giggle
• Smile
• Climb over a pillow thing – pictures to follow – SO funny
• Go for walks
• Getting out of the house!
• Hanging out with the moms and kids at the playground (he got “the lip” one day when Shad picked him up from the babysitter when she was out there…Shad was very hurt but I thought it was funny!)
• Um…get attention!
• Dance (more like bounce) when music is playing (this is true…it’s happened a few times, ask Emily if you don’t believe me!)
• Watch me do the dishes (this is not really his first choice but I tend to sing to him while I’m doing the dishes, so hopefully it’s more that he likes me singing (right!) than watching me do the dishes!

Thats and video's to follow.


Kurt And Jeana said...

four months! Babies grow way too fast! It kills me looking at Harlyn seeing how different she looks from when she was born! Your family picture is cute. I haven't caught up on any blogs until today. But we will go walking around the mall when you get here for sure.. It's pretty much my favorite place ever to go around here, I'm extremely impressed.

Mike and Hallie said...

I can't wait to see pics and video! Hurry!

Leah said...

Awww. It's so fun when they actually start doing stuff.

I can't wait to see more pics!