Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hopkins Family

Finally we got a Hopkins Family Photo...only to be outdone by the one and only Bryan Niven this summer (still in the works). But I thought why not add it to the blog for a while. 


Mike and Hallie said...

The photo is very nice. Landon could never wear his t-shirt by itself eiethr. That is why in his photo he has a white long sleeve onesie on. He wears those here as much as a short sleeve one. Glad you liked it though. I can't wait for the two blue eyed beauties to get together.

Mark, Tracy, Bree and Rashelle said...


Very nice photo. I love it!

Where is this?

Aunt Tracy

Cody and Kylie said...

great picture! you look great, are you sure you just had a baby? haha joy looks gorgeous as usual. :) glad to see your cute little boy is represented as part of the hopkins fam! fallon is still a baby bump in our family pic, and she doesnt like it very much.

Plewe Fam said...

You guys all look really good in that picture. Cru just gets more and more adorable. Sorry I never got back to 20 wk ultrasound is a week from today...I'll be sure to let you know, I've been trying not to think about it because I get so impatient.