Monday, February 16, 2009

can't get enough of Cru

Cru sitting in his Bumbo for the first  time...we think he likes it
We think Cru looks pretty hard core thanks to outfit additions from Heidi and Shannon
boys hanging out 
some people educate their children with Baby Einstein...we educate Cru with The Office (he's so advanced for his age!) 


Katie Fish said...

haha! He is SO cute!!! Such a happy baby!

Jefferson & ReNae said...

alright so you don't know me but my husband served his mission with Shad. Our 3 year old is actually named after him. We just found your blog. Cru is so cute. Hopefully we will be able to meet someday.

Riley and Breanne said...

Love those pictures! Cru is so cute! We really need to come down there so we can see you guys

S.Miles said...

oooo- love the shoes!! He rocks em!! Miss you guys. when do you move here??

Anonymous said...

hey carly!
i have been sending notes tonight to all my high school friends just to say hi and see what they are up to! you look great, and what a cute baby boy! they are fun and full of energy! i know i have two (spencer 5, benjamin 3). and by the way, there is no better way to educate your children then by watching the office!!! love it!!!
hope all is well, keep in touch my e mail is sn
love sara(zierenberg)cowie

Jess said...

So cute! So any chance you'll be in CA the weekend after Thanksgiving?