Sunday, August 24, 2008


I can't believe I forgot to post this! But we found out last friday (August 15th) that Shad was accepted into the Bachelor of Fine Arts - Photography Program at BYU. I know this might confuse some of you (dad included!) but last year Shad was accepted into the Photography Program which would give him a Bachelor of Arts in Photography when he graduates. But a BFA is so much better! (and requires so much more work / time / money in the future) but we felt it would be better for his career. So Shad worked diligently all summer ;) on his portfolio to show his professors his best work! He printed them, mounted them, and we bought a pretty box to show them in (that also cost a pretty penny). I'd like to say it was a joint effort...but Shad's the one with the talent so basically I was good at cutting, driving, motivating, typing, and praying! But I'm so proud of Shad and all he's accomplished. He's worked really hard since we've been married to 1) get to BYU (even though I wasn't to happy about the idea!) 2) get into the photography program 3) get into the BFA program 4)impress me every time he takes a picture 5) make a good amount of money by taking pictures and selling them which has helped us out so much financially! 

So congrats Shad! I am so proud of you! 

P.S. if  any of you want to congratulate it on HIS photography blog! That would just be so much better! 


shnnn* said...

it's shannon! how the heck are you? i didnt know you were pregnant!! so awesome! im happy that shad got into the progarm at byu. i have had many friends do the program and it is soooo great! check out my blog and keep in touch!

Becki said...

That's great! Oh, I can't believe you only have 68 days to go until your little one is here! I'm excited for both of you! Hey, we miss you guys. Remember the old lady's bra?? ha ha ha....good memories. :)

Leah said...

Great job, Shad and great job, Carly. Good work, both of you :)