Saturday, December 1, 2007


So for Thanksgiving this year Shad and I (and Jayson Johnson) drove down to St. George to spend the holiday with my grandma. We stayed in her lovely assisted living appartment and ate out a lot. G'ma loves to eat out. We had Thanksgiving lunch / dinner at Cracker Barrel and it was quite good. Especially the pie! Shad met up with his friends (we dropped Jayson off at his friend Derek's and he'd meet up with them) to ride and take pictures. We also went to Snow Canyon one day so shad could take pictures for a project at school. I thought we could post them on our blog but Shad says no. We even got to see my cousins Annie, her husband Aaron and their baby Jaden, my cousin Travis and his wife Liz (we've never met her before) and my aunt Karen and uncle Jerry. Oh the fun in St. George. On the way home we got to torture Jayson in the car by making him listen to Michael Jackson. I started my book which I wasn't supposed to start until after finals and...that's it!

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