Sunday, December 2, 2007

Games and stuff.

Oh my gosh! That's pretty much all I can say right now. We went to our friends (they live below us) Matt and JaNae's house tonight to play games. Steve and Becky, Jeris and Suzanna, Jen and Chris, and JaNae's friend Evianne (sp?) we're all there. We first played "christmas catch phrase".... that didn't work as well. And then we played some cranium type game like pop 5 or something. Ps, Shad HATES cranium with a passion and will only play games with other people as long as it's not cranium! So they pull out this game and I just knew shad was not excited. Anyway, it was boys against girls and it was just the funniest night of games ever... in my whole life probably! Becky video taped a lot of it so i'm going to post that later. But i just had to say how much fun I had before I went to bed. We were there for 3 hours! oh my gosh!

If you want to see some of the hilarious video footage (sp?) then click on steve and becki's link and on their page you'll have to click on the game night link under their friends.


Katie Fish said...

I had seriously given up on your blog cause there were no posts forever...but I checked and THREE new ones! Way to go! Looks like you guys are having fun. I want a to have a fun game night! And Thanksgiving with Grandma...she's so cute! Oh, and I love those pics of you shoveling snow..haha, so awesome!

S.Miles said...

The BEST part of watching that video of you guys playing games (how sad is it that I sat and watched total strangers play games in the semi-dark....does this make me a loser?) Any ways- my favorite part of that whole first video thing was the fact that Shad is eating during the ENTIRE thing. Just munching away while other people play. Love it! And makes me miss you guys lots and lots.

Plewe Fam said...

There is no way those games are nearly as fun as IN A PICKLE...come on Carly, you know that was the best game you've ever played in your life. You may not have laughed out loud, but you were cracking up inside. I'll remember to bust out Cranium next time you guys are over!