Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lets not even attempt to re-capture the last here's this weekend! It was a little chaotic and over-whelming (just a few anxiety attacks here and there) but over all, really really fun! Friday night Shad was kind enough to rent the Katy Perry movie for me :) he's a gem! And he took me to get my favorite shake at Smashburger (nutterbutter/chocolate mixed). Simple date night at home mostly but it was so fun and so needed. Saturday morning was running errands while Shad finally went mountain biking and then the craziness began. I went to a funeral reception at Daba Cuisine of India in Santa Monica. Jay Dhawan was my friend Rada's father. He was kind, loving and so happy. He will be missed. After celebrating Jay's life (and me having a heartburn attack for eating delicious indian cuisine) Shad and Cru met me at our friend's Jared and Deborah's house in Santa Monica and Shad took their engagement pictures around Santa Monica all night. The pictures / night consisted of 2 car's full of prop's (Deborah got a little excited), 2 outfit changes, 3 locations, more than half the props NOT being used and finally ended with Jared being paged to the hospital. We then got to enjoy Cru riding the ferris wheel on the Santa Monnica Pier for the first time (and me having a anxiety attack #2 of the night while on that very same ride), eating dinner at Sonoma Wine Garden at 9:30pm with Jared, Deborah and their friends (yes, cru is still currently with us), tasting truffle oil for the first time, cru having "fancy peperoni" pizza (prosciutto), a shirley temple, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. After walking what felt like 500 miles in 5 hours all over Santa Monica we finally made it back to our car at 11:30pm! What an adventure for Cru and for us! Sunday consisted of staying in our PJ's until 2:30pm and it was amazing! I wouldn't take any of it back! Pictures as proof... Till next year fellow bloggers ;)


Madame Hallie said...

What a fun weekend. I never heard about any of that. Glad I checked my blog roll. Had a great time chatting with all of you tonight. Love ya!

Emily said...

so fun! now keep blogging!!!

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