Saturday, January 16, 2010


oh to live in california. Poor Cru got spoiled for 3 whole weeks over Christmas and New Years. He loved playing outside all day long everyday. And now he's sad and depressed with this cold, snowy Utah weather ;) But we had ton's of fun in California. We got to spend the 3 weeks with my sister Hallie, her husband Mike and their son Landon. It was so fun because they live in Michigan so we don't see them very often. It was the first time Landon and Cru had met and they loved playing together. We also got to see Elise, Lily, and Emerson for one day. Then Riley and Breanne came down on Christmas day. It was a full house!

Some things we did:
Went to Americana at Brand in Glendale to watch a water fountain show, snow falling, and eat dinner
Went to the J. Paul Getty Villa for my dad's birthday
Went out to dinner lots!
Went to the beach
Went to Banning with Shad's family to see his grandparents
And pretty much just hung out in the nice california sun!

more pictures to come...


the Gardners said...

Oh, Cru is getting so big! What a cutie! Tyrus got depressed last January, too, when we spent 2 weeks in AZ and then came back to Provo. He just wanted to play outside without all his winter gear on!

Chris & Kimber said...

Holy cow, Cru is so big and cute. I can't believe it. How are you guys doing by the way?

Shana Kummer said...

Cru is so cute. I can't believe that he is walking. Time sure does go by fast. We sure miss you guys.

Riley and Breanne said...