Tuesday, September 15, 2009

picture's of cru

I know it's been a long time. I've been slacking. Maybe it's a good thing I'm not sitting on the computer all day lately! Cru and I have been crawling around a LOT and he's been getting into a lot of trouble. We moved back to Utah at the end of August and started our life here again! Enjoy the pictures...I'll post more soon (disclaimer - these are from my cell phone. I couldn't find my camera battery charger and the battery was dead and I couldn't upload pictures onto the computer until the battery had life!)

our very own tribal chief!

cru loves his berry smoothie from costco. maybe we shouldn't give it to him but he has teeth number 7 and 8 coming in and quite frankly, if it makes him happy it's his!

probably one of my favorite things to do. put sweet glasses on him.


Riley and Breanne said...

Oh, I just love that pic of him with those sunglasses!

Jess said...

okay, that's funny. i also liked the comment about being stuck between bath and toilet. lol. He looks like a bucket of fun! Wish he and Lukas could hang out. :)

Kurt And Jeana said...

Ha Ha that bull ring coming out his nose is awesome! Glad you're back in Utah maybe some day we'll actually meet in person ha ha. I hope CA was good to you. I can't believe he has 8 teeth! Harlyn only has her bottom two!

Shana Kummer said...

Cru is so cute and those pictures are great. I can't believe he will be one the end of this month. We sure do miss you guys. If you ever need a little vaca don't hesitate to come visit us here at Lake Powell.

Jena Wright said...

I found you!! Your blog is so cute. Cru is getting so big. I cant wait to see you soon. Come back to California.