Wednesday, June 3, 2009

finally! an update

Well, I guess I figured that while Shad was in China for a month I'd go on hiatus! Actually it felt like quite the opposite! Cru and I had an exciting month, we didn't get to experience China like Shad but we tried to stay busy. Here's an overview of the last month and then you can see the slide show below.

Shad left April 30th in the weee morning hours. Sean was so nice to take Shad to Lucy's house for the ride up to the airport. I'm so glad I didn't have to wake Cru up and put him in the car seat at 5 in the morning! I finished some last minute packing of the apartment the rest of the day. Around 4pm I left to drive up to SLC. I hung out with Riley until my parents flew in and Breanne got off work. The next morning we woke up early to drive back down to Provo for my GRADUATION! Dad, Riley and I got to UVU at 7:15 while Mom and Breanne took Cru over to Kate's so she could so kindly babysit him all day (while having her own 2 boys and being pregnant and then having her sister's baby dropped off later that day!). After graduation we went to lunch, finished a few more things at the apartment, sad good bye and took off for St. George.

So St.George is where it gets interesting. Basically the interesting part is that I gave Cru formula for the first time and he was allergic but we didn't know if it was the pea's, formula, or shrimp I had eaten that day and then I breast fed him. So note to self: when the books, doctors, websites, pamphlets, etc. all say only to give your baby 1 new food item at a time and wait a few days before introducing a new one....LISTEN! So around 10pm we decided to take Cru to the ER after he couldn't sleep and he was scratching so hard it was bleeding. After 3 projectile vommits, a dose of benadryl and prednisone and then sitting until 1am we were finally released. we then had to go to Wal-Mart to get more benadryl for the night. Thankfully my mom was with me at the hospital the whole time. I couldn't have done it without her!

The next morning we left for California around 8am. We made quite a few stops but over all Cru was really good. And we appreciate my dad driving our crummy vibrating car for us.

Since I've been home we've:

- flown to San Francisco (with a 2 hour delayed flight...1 hour before and 1 hour on the plane! Cru was a gem!)
- stayed in a hotel in S.F. with Elise, Lily, Emerson, and Cru. We all shared 1 Queen bed by the morning except for Lily!
- Walked our feet off in San Fran.
- Stayed 7 days in Copperpolis, Ca
- Celebrated Emerson's 2nd birthday!
- Went shopping, swimming, driving, playing, while staying with Elise. (I watched the kids a few of those days while she went to school and work)
- Memorial day weekend Lily and Emerson stayed with us while Elise flew out to see Bryce in Georgia (for those that don't know my brother Bryce is in the Army stationed in Georgia)
- picked up Shad from the Long Beach Airport on May 26th! and also said good bye to Lily, Emerson, and Elise
- hiking in Wildwood to Paradise Falls

um...I think that's about it. Hopefully this update makes a few people happy! We miss our friends in Wymount and our family up there but we are enjoying California...a lot!


Riley and Breanne said...

We love your pictures!!! And miss you guys! Elise's hair is adorable cut shorter. And of course Shad's eyes were red from the long flight... it couldn't possibly be due to the fact that he missed his wife :)

Stephanie said...

AH! I loved the update! :) Cru just keeps getting cuter and cuter! It looks like you are keep busy and having lots of fun in CA - we really have to get together when you get back...

Katie Fish said...

YAY for an update and YAY for you being in California!!

Plewe Fam said...

I miss the little Cruster!! Glad the little family has their daddy back. Enjoy your time with parents - it's always fun to see them interact with your kid and be able to bond - Bryn had tons of fun seeing you both. Love the pictures!!

Emily said...

I'm so happy for the update! It sounds like you've had lots of fun. Cru is bigger and so cute. We miss you guys so much. Sean would have gotten in the car tonight and headed to California if I let him. I told him we need to plan a little. We really want to come. We'll have to call and figure it out. Heidi asked for you guys again today.

Sean said...

I like Shad's Moby wrap. He's so stylish.

Kurt And Jeana said...

Hey! So..... Your in CA... But we moved back to Logan UT... I'm pretty sure we missed ya. Like the pictures though... and that's so sad about crus allergic reaction! SCARY! Glad he's alright now though!

Cody and Kylie said...

Gosh Carly! You're such a slacker! I want to see pictures from Shad's adventure in China! Looks like you had a lot of fun while he was gone though!

Lila said...

belated congratulations on graduating!!!! i'm so impressed and proud of you momma! ;)