Thursday, November 13, 2008

shout out

Shad has shot the Redline Bicycle Catalog for the last 2 years and they gave us a little shout out on their website:

Also Cru is doing a lot better. We will have x-ray's done soon to check on the air pockets but the doctors assume they will go away on their own. His Bilirubin is all gone and he's been off the lights for 1 week and we couldn't be happier! We love learning all the fun little things that Cru likes and dislikes and we've learned a lot about parenting in these last 16 days!

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Katie Fish said...

Holy crap....LOVE the pic of you holding Cru at the top of your blog! Oh it makes me SO excited!!! PS...SO good to see you the other day. Thank you SO much for coming to the really meant a lot to have you there!! Cru is SO cute!!! Love you!