Saturday, April 12, 2008

Friday night we got to go to the Bee's Opening Home Game with Jeris and Suzanna. It was really cold and we lost the game, but it was fun. 

Shad promised me a churro. I LOVE churro's! I think they are priced way too high, but I enjoyed every bite. ps, only one of those is mine. I wish I got two! 

Bumble the Bee! 

This is us freezing. We were going to leave early but then the Bee's started to catch up and it was really we stayed to watch them loose. :( 

After we went to Hire's Big H and had french fries, shakes, root beer, and hamburgers. Thanks Hobbs! 


Anonymous said...

you make me sweat when i see you in that jacket...
it's 90 here today!
i love you, and miss you :)
heidi ho

Leah said...

Let's go to a Bee's game (when it warms up). Drew would love it.