Monday, March 31, 2008

Heidi and Jaden

On March 15th Heidi, Jaden, and Tarik (sp?) came up to Utah to visit everyone. We met up with them at Red Robin for lunch. Lucky for Heidi and Jaden it started to snow while we were in the restaurant. So we ran outside for Jaden to experience snow for the first time. 
I'm pretty sure after a minute he didn't quite know what to do with it....but it was fun watching him experience snow! 

On Sunday we met up with them again at the Breedlove's house in Lehi. All the Wolf's were there: Matt, Lisa and Rick, Jen and Rob, Heidi and Jaden...and then Shad and I. It was fun. we played with the kids and watched them play duck duck goose which was so funny. Then the adults played Sequence after the kids went to bed. 

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Anonymous said...

i love your camera! excellent photos!
can you email them to me for the bigger images??
thanks for posting us on your blog! i feel so special :)

love you carlos