Monday, February 18, 2008

Carly has decided to make pie's...ALL THE TIME! She wants to become some kind of pro at making pie's so she's got a way's to go! But she documented herself (while she was supposed to be at school) making a Coconut pie she took to Kate and Tyler's for dinner last week. Although, a picture of the finished product never got done...:( She has been singing about pie's (thanks tyler), dreaming about pie's, tasting pie's when she's not even eating get it. So any good pie recipe's...send 'em her way! Want to help her? Come on over! Oh, and Marilyn (her mom) and her are trying to think of a good name for a Pie Restaurant! So put your thinking cap's on!


Katie Fish said...

mmmm...pies...that sounds so good. Way to go Betty Crocker!! :) That's so cool. I think you should name your pie restaurant...Mary Jo's Pies. :) haha

Mike and Hallie said...

"The Pie's the Limit"

"Sky High Pies" (expecially for merengue pies)

"Cutie Pies" (you could sell cute single serving sizes)

"Upper Crust" (for the New York set)

"Pie, Carumba!" (Both Simpsons and Mexican)

and finally, (apologies to Swedish furniture stoers). . . .

"pieKEA" (you could use the Greek letter pi there, too)